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Conference Diary – Your Delegate Web Portal

Organising a conference or meeting programme always seems to be a stressful time for sales and marketing departments. But with Conference Diary, our custom designed web based conference management system, it doesn’t need to be!

This powerful web portal suite has a number of great features:

  • Brand the portal pages solely for your business.
  • Use for internal or customer meetings.
  • Available 24/7 anywhere through your web browser.
  • No hardware or software costs.
  • Enables early access to a conference and also prompts participant engagement.
  • Extend the life of Incentive Conferences – involve, motivate and inform delegates.
  • Measure the success: use survey tools to evaluate and reward participants.
  • Secure web based solution fully owned by CCIS provide each delegate with necessary consent and compliance information along with Individual secure TOV reports 30 days post conference.

Please watch our presentation video for further details